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One of the hardest working blues acts in Spain are the legendary STOP BLUES BAND.

Hailing from Murcia city, which has a deep blues tradition for many years, STOP BLUES BAND have been involved in many blues concerts with a host of international blues performers from the highest levels of the tradition. The band has also been involved in all of the big blues festivals and conventions that are well promoted and supported throughout Spain including the Cazorla Blues Festival. They are also releasing their 2nd CD which promises to be a unique blend of blues with other roots and modern music styles.

Here are some interesting facts about the ONE STOP BLUES BAND and the performers...

1. The Stop Blues Band was created in 2011. It includes Jorge García (bass) and Germán Ramallo (guitar) and Raúl García (drums) and to say that these musician form the ultimate power trio is saying too little.

2. Germán Ramallo is not only an awesome lead guitarist he is a veteran fire fighter!!!

3. Germán Ramallo found his first guitar in the garbage back in 1999, fixed it up and started to play it while listening to music. Since then he now owns several guitars but has a fondness for his Ibanez Pat Metheny guitar because of its "warm sound".

"The Ibanez forces me to touch it with care, slowly and with feeling. When I perform with that guitar I am living through every note and squeezing out sound," explains Germán.

4. Germán Ramallo gives thanks to his grandfather who introduced him to the blues.

"My grandfather was in the civil war and was in contact with many Americans and he loved their blues music very much," explain Germán. "By the time I was 17 years of age, I was already listing to blues and jazz and artists like Memphis Slim, BB King, Howlin' Wolf, Sinatra, and more! Then because of my interest in guitar I started listing to more historical blues like Robert Johnson, Freddy King, Muddy Waters, then later - Hendrix & Stevie Ray Vaughan."

5. STOP BLUES BAND first CD featured the famous singer and composer Emilio Chicheri, who fronted by the 20 plus years big name Murciano blues band - the Los Bluesfalos.

That CD was called *IBA EN EL TREN * IT WAS ON THE TRAIN* and recieved a lot of radio play across Spain and beyond including stations like Radio3 & RedHotBlues. With Emilo fronting the band, they were invited to conduct many interviews and live performances.
VIDEO to support the CD - totally DIY - and fun!! 

6.  "MIRANDO ATRAS * LOOKING BEHIND" is their second CD and blends the blues again from the pure traditional blues to combinations with ancient Spanish rhythms like the Bolero up to the most modern of musical styles.

7. STOP BLUES BAND performed for at the CBBlues MOJO PARTY 2014 - click here to read interview with Emilio - .

It was a stellar show and since Emilio was retiring we gave him a CBBlues Blues Award - just for fun!! click here to see the photos of that party -


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