Monday, October 17, 2016


The CBBlues Octoberfest Sunday Social appreciated and celebrated with Murcia's #1 Blues act - STOP BLUES BAND.

I really enjoyed this band for many reasons - here are a few...

1. PROFESSIONAL. From the start of their arrival until the time they packed up - they were extreme professionals. They arrived early, unloaded quickly, got sound check out the way, had time to relax and enjoy their home-cooked menu of the day at Bar Mediterraneo, and then launched into a truly unique concert that blended blues with Spanish roots music.

2. CULTURAL. Singing many of our favourite blues standards in Spanish was a real treat and a profound experience. I love the way that Costa Blanca Blues embraces cultural integration - music is the divine leveler.

3. REHEARSED. The band was so tight that you never doubted their ability give you a perfect performance. They knew when to push the emotions forward and when to pull back. They were so rehearsed and professional again!

4. VARIETY. Their songs were full of interesting changes from tempos to styles. One song started as a slow blues and then worked its way into a Spanish Bolero - super cool.

5.SHOWMANSHIP. They all had fun stage garments that made them into more than musicians; they were showmen!

6. ENTREPRENEURS. They brought with them well produced and packaged CD's and groovy and tshirts; again the signs of professional hard working musicians. These are the kind of entrepreneurial musicians that I like to support and encourage because they are ones that bring us good music without the hassle and attitude. CBBlues Friends likes to Keep it Real when they appreciate and celebrate!

7. HARMONIC. They often sang in two and three part harmonies and to me there is nothing more amazing than that ability to blend voices. Love it!

8. QUALITY. Their level of musicianship was superior. They knew how to command their instruments but with that ease that makes every note perfect in pitch and tone.

9. FRIENDLY. They were all very friendly and respectful and mingled with our CBBlues friends.

If you get a chance to support these musicians, I highly recommend them for real live music ./ blues lovers. They are not for the uncultured pop music crowd because they are musicians musicians, if you know what I mean.

Thank you again to Jorge García (bass) and Germán Ramallo (guitar) and Raúl García (drums) - the ultimate power trio!!

Report by Karla Darocas, editor CBBlues Webzine


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  1. On this Sun day again at the Javea event at the port in aid of the firemen ;) Lobster xxx.


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