Wednesday, October 26, 2016


On the 23rd of October, our CBBlues Friend John Le Sueur organised a massive fundraiser event to support the fearless firemen and their equipment. He invited all of his classic car club and the local biker clubs, plus the Red Cross and food, beverage and other stands.

The Town Hall supplied a massive stage and thanks to Chris Williams at Total Fm we had a big PA system which we ran all the amps through.

Just when we were setting up that is when all the bikers arrived - 185 in total. 

The sun was shining - and that was a Godsend considering that the 2 days before was OK for ducks but not for Valve amps on a stage at a big fundraiser! 

I kicked off the show with a couple of sound check numbers to a grand round of applause. (ha ha). It was so great to see so many people. There were hundreds. I even saw our CBBlues Friend Dennis Hankey who was parading on his Harley - Good one Den!!

Next up were two young lads from the UK. They were awesome and only16 and 19 years old - unbelievable. They promise to send over the CD discs for anyone to hear that missed the event. 

My Smoking Blues Band was just about to launch into our set when the Stop Blues Band turned up, all the way from Murcia city. So we had to stop and get them sorted out.

Then we kicked off and ripped into some blues for the crowd. 

A big thanks to Xavi Alaman who stepped in to play bass for the Smoking Blues Band at the last minute.

After a strong blues set, we took a break and some other guys from the UK jumped up and performed a nice selection of classic rock songs.

Then it was time for the Stop Blues Band - who are fantastic!!!

German Ramallo is the guitarist and singer in the band and he called me up to harp for them and WOW did we kick!! Then they all asked me to join their band!! I was so blown away by the invite - hence I ended up on stage all day! That will teach me to be so talented!! (hahahaha)

There was great support and everyone had a great time. 

A big THANK YOU to our pal John Le Sueur who called me in to be his music director for the day. 

Also many thanks to the Big BBQ Company, Total FM, Bay Radio, Jennifer Cunningham Insurance (support and finances) and Karla Darocas (Mama Blues) for the pics and never ending support and efforts to promote blues music - and all her friends like Carol Lynn, Kathleen, Lizzie, Steve, Jose, and more!!

It was a big success!!

Blues it Up,
Buddy Paul, Music Director - Costa Blanca Blues

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