Saturday, October 8, 2016


The great thing about these full-time professional, hard working musicians is that in an acoustic performance they can let their talents be up-front and focused.

CBBlues fans were supposed to be treated to a Back to the Bones * Intimate Acoustic Concert * featuring the fabulous Ramblin' Matt and Sara Gee but as luck would have it, Ramblin' Matt was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery and had to cancel his performance at the last moment.

However, as they say in show business, "The show must go on!!", so Buddy Paul, our devoted CBBlues music director, called upon his good friend Jon Knox and together they put on a dynamic and fun acoustic performance that was entertaining and delightful.

Buddy Paul was stellar on harmonica,  as usual,  hitting the high notes with ease and delving deep into his cascade of complex sequences with one swift breath. No problems with this mans lungs!!

Special Guest Jon Knox proved to be a unique and gifted talent on guitar but what was truly lovely about Jon was his voice. He sang in perfect pitch and perfect tone with clear and intentional vibrancy and open expression, which held the crowd in the moment of the melody and pinned them down onto the very last note.

They both were very good sports to step-up to filling in at the last moment and creating a fun and friendly concert. Thank you so much to both of them. These is the kind of performers I like to work with and they deserve to be recognized for their talents.

Check out this melody of video clips and listen for yourself to the fun!!

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