Sunday, November 27, 2016


Once again, a truly mad, adventurous, heart-warming experience. Thank You.

CrossRoaders gathered at Bar Mediterraneo in Teulada on the last Saturday of November 2016 to celebrate yet another Christmas spirit together. Some came in costumes from the roaring music hall days gone by. Everyone sang and performed to their hearts desires and we all felt their joy.

It was also Den's birthday, and after we all had a round of Happy Birthday to You - songsmithery in his honour, he got up on the guitar and plucked out a tune. Bravo!! When the spirit moves you... do it!

We even had some guests from Pinoso, namely Alan Currie and John Wilcock and they were gifted gents. They and their partners joined us for lunch too.

Community Lunch is another perky part about Bar Mediterraneo. It's real food, fast, affordable - not always friendly - but who cares!! It's all part of the experience!! Deep Valenciana!! And, we are grateful to the owners for the use of their large salon / dining room - at the back!

John and Roger did a smashing job of taking over the roles and responsibilities of our music director, Buddy Paul, who wasn't able to be with us. They got everything set up and ready on time and ran the event with superb hosting talent... I guess these wonderful gentlemen have had some previous hosting experiences. Bravol!! I really appreciated your efforts!!

I had some fun with my photography since everyone was in the spirit - so was I .

I made a happy Christmas video too!!

Enjoy and Let it Shine!!
Karla Darocas, editor 

Monday, November 14, 2016


WOW - Cannot believe that it's our 5th year of appreciating and celebrating the blues!!

Our music director, Buddy Paul has pulled his Crazy Goats back together for this special Christmas Party & Dance - so we can have a festive boogie and jive event!! This band is a cast and crew of some of the most talented musicians that Valencia city has to offer!! Plus they are good sports and accommodate our musical wishes to enjoy life and blues music. We like to keep it real!!

In case you do not know the Crazy Goats - they are - Enrique Portoles and Jorge Champez are the stars on the guitars. The fabulous Alejandro Zamora is on bass guitar and joining them is a new drummer who they call -  Miguel Superbataka.

The owner Charlie over at El Cid's has promised us some great home-cooking with a choice of Christmas lunches that promise to satisfy our taste buds!! It's all great and wonderful!!

We need our menu choices in by the 20th of November - so book it up soon!!