Sunday, December 11, 2016


News that the Stones were planning on releasing a "Blues" album in 2016 was received with a certain amount of excited anticipation . They certainly had the credentials to play the music and confirmation that Eric Clapton would be featuring only heightened the excitement.

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I have been a Stones fan since 1964 when at the age of ten I got to hear their first album . Without me knowing at the time they were also introducing me to the Blues, a passion that has been with me ever since.

I pre-ordered the album and waited patiently for the release date 2nd Dec 2016.

Blue & Lonesome apparently came about when the creative juices of the band had dried up while trying to record some new material. As a "refresher" they started to play what comes naturally to guys whose DNA is steeped in the Blues.

Without rehearsal they went into Blue & Lonesome, someone on the desk hit "record" and in one take the title track was down. A project that had been talked about for 40 years was underway, a Blues album by the Rolling Stones.

My first impression of the CD version of the album was how raw the recording is as it blasted out of the speakers. No tweaking, no over dubbing, just the sound that was made in the studio delivered straight to your ears.

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I have no idea as to how the tracks were selected as they are all covers of previously recorded songs including four of Little Walter and two of Howling Wolf.

Of the 12 tracks only 2 had made the Billboard charts when first recorded. Four listens in and I am starting to pick out my favourite bits.

Jagger's harp playing is commendable. He he delivers what is expected on the Little Walter tracks. I have been trying to catch the Hammond B3, one of my favourite instruments and listed as being used on a few tracks but not prominent enough to be heard.

The title track has some nice guitar work from Keith but beyond that the distinct step change in guitar comes when Clapton joins the band.

My standout track, originally recorded by Little Johnny Taylor and reaching number 9 in the Billboard chart of 1971, is "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing". Clapton picks up slide duties and lifts this track above the rest of the album.

Clapton also plays on probably the most well known track on the album, "I Can't Quite You Baby", first recorded by Otis Rush back in 1956. Jagger's vocals on this track are reminiscent of the phrasing often used by Buddy Guy. I don't think it's the best version I have ever heard as it's quite hard to get the LZ version out of your head when listening.

Overall, if I'm honest  it's not the album I was hoping for.

Eleven quite obscure tracks and one Blues standard, all played well by guys who know every riff in Blues there is to know.

What's missing? I'm not sure but I know my spine didn't tingle nor did my neck hairs stand up when I played it. Perhaps we have waited so long we expected too much.

The album was recorded in three days proving that these guys can play this stuff without even thinking about it  It has also reached No.1 in the UK charts a success they have not known for a new album since Voodoo Lounge in 1994.

Every Stones and Blues fan should have this album in their collection as it is an historic compilation of a genre that always needs support.

Finally I would love to see a campaign to induct Darryl Jones to full band member as he has more than served his time and should get the reward he deserves.

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Monday, December 5, 2016


Christmas 2016 will mark the move of Costa Blanca Blues over to the belly of Benidoleig to bop and boogie with our favourite music and friends!!

We had an excellent experience at the countryside restaurant El Cid's and the owner and staff were fantastic. We will be back!!

This video of mixed photos and video clips will give you a hint at the energy in the room.

The music in this video is not by Buddy Paul & the Crazy Goats but I can tell you that we were treated to a grand mix of slow walking blues to the best boogie woogie and even a few old twisting favourites. The musicians were ace as usual!!

Thank you to everyone who attended. The CBBlues group and webzine grows every year and finding more blues music lovers makes it easier to afford the top musicians of the genre in Spain and abroad.

I am hoping that this trend will continue into 2017 as there are still some incredible blues performer to see and of course we need to invite back our favourites. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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