Monday, January 30, 2017


The first CrossRoads of the year 2017 was launched with grand style. We had a fabulous group of talented performers and friends. 

I had asked the group to try and revive the signature song titled to the 60's hit TV weekly - The Doris Day Show - and of course sung by Doris Day. That song was "Que Sera Sera". It is beautiful song with profound philosophical meaning. It has also been covered by many, many performers over the years.

Our song bird of the day was Doreen who was obviously a professional. We were more than pleased that she took up the challenge and gave us a lovely version of this legendary song. She also sang a rendition of Sentimental Journey, again a hit for Doris Day. 

Big Thank you goes out to Roger who was able to accompany Doreen and others on his guitar. John was also on hand to do introductions of the open mic performers.

It was great to see and hear the Roots music man - Mr. Andy Boal visiting from France.

We had a nice gathering of non-performers too and they were very supportive. Afterward, 16 of us had a community lunch and got caught up on good times and also got to know our new friends better.

It is always a gift to spend time with such wonderful real people who know the value of these community events, which range from uniting people from diverse backgrounds to fostering empathy and self-efficacy.

Thank You,
Karla Darocas, editor

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