Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Alicante Blues Society recently performed a History of the Blues Show with the dancers of “Grupo Psicofusión Danza APSA”, which is a private, non-profit association whose mission is to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and aid their families and enhance their environment started in 1962.

This year will be the 3rd anniversary for the Alicante Blues Society, so I was curious to find out more about this group and what I discovered was very interesting and heart warming.

I was talking with Victor Jordé, the guitarist and founder of the legendary blues band Medicine Man and this is what he told me.

According to Victor, Alicante use to be a great area for Blues in the mid-eighties. It was really exciting and bands and musicians from Madrid would often come to Alicante.

"Bands like  Tonky Blues Band, Ñaco Goñi y Los Bluescavidas, Boogie Children, and many more used to come and tour the area so often," explains the now president of the Alicante Blues Society.

"It was a great time and people like me learned a lot from these guys," he continues.

For economic reasons, bands couldn't come back to Alicante and blues lovers were let down.

So, according to Victor, the Alicante Blues Society was started as, "good way to spread the Blues in Alicante and bring back good musicians from other places by giving a chance."

The Society started by trying to get clubs in the province to bet on a good thing by providing them with a great list of blues performers.

Now they host other activities that include a monthly meeting, conferences, documentaries, presentations, jam sessions and master classes.

One of the most impressive activities of this music society are their efforts to bring the blues and joy to the children at the Hospital General de Alicante in collaboration with the Aula pedagógica.

"Periodically we go and visit and play for the children and with the children, who play some rhythm with instruments that we bring with us," explains Victor.

"The children also sing as well," he continues.

"We feel that they really enjoy it.  We can see their smiles and that´s the first goal, of course. We are also happy because they learn about the roots of Blues and they realize they can join the music, be part of it, and feel good," explain Victor.

"The teachers of the Aula Pedagógica always do a fantastic job for the children and they are always helpful with our activity," he admits.

You do not need to be a musician to join this activity. You do need to join the Alicante Blues Socity mailing list.


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