Monday, February 20, 2017


After many years, about 3 or 4, I finally got Alicante City's own 'Medicine Man' to perform for us at the launch of the Winter / Spring season of Costa Blanca Blues - AND they were fantastic!

Without a doubt, these musicians are dedicated to their craft and they gave us a 110% blues show with all the swagger of true blues showmen.

Report by Karla Darocas

Victor Jordé, the guitarist and founder of this legendary blues band performed to perfection. He is one of the best blues guitarists I have seen yet. His style is very laid back and confident. He also engages the audience, which I love. He had us all "calling back" like old cotton pickers out in the hot sun. I just love his voice too; all warm like honey but a bit gritty when needed.

It was also very exciting to watch how Little Fonzi commanded the floor and brought the blues harp action into crowd. We have had Little Fonzi perform for CBBlues before, as part of the annual HARP ATTACK SHOWDOWN that takes place in September, but never on his own with his band. It was a real treat. He really works hard to reach those scorching notes and digs deep for those low tones. He was really working up a sweat.

Rubén Marcet on drums was really great at keeping the beat smooth and tight. Near the end of the show, he gave us a really fun drum solo and the audience went wild. I just love these displays of talent and showmanship.

Rafa Navas on bass is also one of the original member of Medicine Man. He as totally in tuned with his bass and you could see each note move his back bone! Great players.

At the end of the show, and two encores later, a blues bass player from Norway came up to perform with the band. He and his wife are starting a Blues Music Union in Norway, something that doesn't exist here in Spain.

Once again, the staff team and chef at El Cid's out in Benidoleig were very helpful, lovely and adorable. Big Love to them all!!


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  1. Medicine Man are a great blues band , having played together for many years they provide a well rehearsed set . Probably the best band we have seen at CB Blues . The venue at El Cid is in a fantastic location with panoramic views across the countryside . Acoustically it worked well and nice to get a stage for the artists . Putting together a "Blues " menu was a great idea , the cornbread starter went down well . Our table thought the side plates could have been a bit more generous and the ribs needed marinating and spicing up a bit , but for a first stab at a "Blues" menu it was OK . Looking forward to visiting El Cids for future gigs although we are not back in Spain until June so I think we might miss one or two . Top marks to Karla for securing the venue and continueing to promote Blues music in the Costa Blanca area .


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