Friday, February 24, 2017


It will be so great to finally witness the blues energy of Nasty Boogie. It has taken a long time to get this band to perform for a Costa Blanca Blues music appreciation party - but now our time has come!

Valencia city based blues band Nasty Boogie came into being in 2006. Over the decade, they have perfected their craft and built on their repertoire ranging from upbeat boogies, jives and swings to deep blues, walking blues, train blues basically all the forms from the Delta, Chicago, California and Texas. Nasty Boogie are now the premier band in Valencia city who get asked to all the big blues festivals on this peninsula.

The guitarist, Raúl Rabadán is a powerhouse player when he needs to be but can pick out the notes with a light touch too. A working musician who performs with several other bands and performers including Danny Boy and Buddy Paul, this cat has this chops all sorted out!

Daniel Tena has been a featured guest in our annual Harp Attack Showdown Show and he is a master harmonica player. He is a real showman too. Like many of the Spanish vocalists, he sings in the English language in order to preserve the intensity of the blues songs.

Fran Moreno (bass) and Juanjo Iniesta (drums) are both professional musicians who are in charge of keeping the blues beat on track and with so much experience, I am sure they will do a fantastic job.

Nasty Boogie have two CD's in the marketplace. "Moanin' At Midnight" and "Fresh Little Fish".  You can find these tracks on YouTube. They are going back into the studio to record and EP of their own songs soon so stay tuned.

According to Raúl Rabadán, the band likes to get the audience involved by encouraging dancing and singing along to the songs. "We have a great time and we like to have fun with our fans!," admits the entertainer.

Karla Darocas, editor

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