Monday, March 13, 2017


NASTY BOOGIE  are considered the Grandees of Blues from Valencia City. They sure gave us a stellar show with lots of grit, grind and energy enough to boost a rocket to the moon!

It only took 5 years to get them to a Costa Blanca Blues afternoon show, but the wait was worth it.

Earlier in the day, I was talking with Danny Boy, who is a veteran blues performer known throughout Spain and he confirmed to me that Nasty Boogie, "were a super tight band and extraordinary talents!"

To remind everyone again the performers of this group...

Blowing our minds with his strong command of the blues harmonica is Daniel "Hoodoo Man" Tena. He is also the singer of the band and rocks a vintage stash and grin! We have had Daniel at our annual Harp Attack Showdowns but it was great to see him take centre stage.
Raúl Rabadán "T-Bonski" gets his stage name from the legendary T-Bone Walker. What impresses me the most about this axeman is his ability to pick out the edgy notes that define the blues music genre. Many players just strum their way through the riffs and never give up the notes. Raúl gives us a good show of his knowledge both as a musician but as a bluesman. And the swagger and ink... well it's all part of the making of a legend!
There is no doubt about it, Fran Moreno Saez on bass and dancin´ is a rocking rock solid player with plenty of charm and charisma. He just knew when to take the back track to another level. He also gave a crowd pleasing solo which brought out the whoops and whistles that confirm a happy crowd.
You have never seen such a smiling and happy drummer like Nasty Boogie's back bone: Juanjo Iniesta "Malasideas". The little stage at El Cid's was not really big enough for this stickman's talent. I kept looking over to see if he would break his serine content smile, but nunca, never! He also delivered a crowd moving drum solo. All great and wonderful
Our lunch and the service at El Cid's was 5 star. I could not eat the amount of home cooked goodies that were presented to us by the fabulous gals and amazing chef. Charlie, la duena at El Cid's has really stepped up the challenge of helping to host these grand musicians and more!!

Lizzie is the most amazing raffle seller and I thank her for getting them out to the pubic while I make my monthly announcements. All Good!! All Grand!! Keep it Real and the world behaves!!

Karla Darocas 


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