Thursday, March 23, 2017


Over the past decade, Spain has developed not only a love of the blues but a fanatical attraction to its "whitish upbeat" counterpart namely Rockabilly.

"As you know, Rockabilly is Rhythm & Blues played by white cats," announces singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist Santiago who fronts Spain's number one Rockabilly band The Hawks.

"Everything comes from the 12 bar blues and legends such as Leadbelly, Jimmie Rogers and Big Joe Turner are all major influences in my writing," expresses Santiago who proudly announces that the Hawks have 4 recordings.

Santiago formed The Hawks back in 2010. He was working in a TV station and a cameraman who plays double bass asked him about creating a rockabilly band and that was it, the Hawks were born. They have shared festival stages with Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers, Matchbox, The Jets, The Rapiers, Johnny & The Jailbirds, to name a few.

"Soon after we formed the band, we were playing all the big festivals and best live music bars all over Spain," explains Santiago.

Santiago is a charismatic performer who likes to keep it real by singing in English. He admits, "I learned English by listening to the music, watching movies and travelling to the UK.

"I think Rockabilly never caught on in Spain during its day in the 50's," explains the frontman.

"But after the big Rockabilly revival in the UK in the 70's, it slowly started to move into Spain. UK bands like the Jets, Stray Cats, Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers, Shakin' Stevens and the Sunsets, Rocky Sharpe and the Replays and Matchbox all had huge success in Spain! Even American Rockabilly stars like Robert Gordon and Sleepy LaBeef performed in Spain."

The Hawks are a four piece combo including guitarist Abelard Alba (guitarist), Isi Rockin (double bass), Kike García Benìtez (drums) and of course Santiago on vocals.

Isi Rockin is a very stylish double bass player and before slapping the bass, he was a normal bassist in other bands. Now, according to Santiago, "he is a very talented and experienced double bass player!"

According to Santiago, Abelard Alba is a "guitar genius."

"He´s a very skilled musician. He can play most any kind of music from Rockabilly to Flamenco. He is also a guitar instructor," explains Santiago about the Hawks guitarist.

Kike García Benìtez became a Hawk in 2014. According to Santiago, the Hawks toured the UK in that year and after the tour the band decided to fire their drummer. 

"When we met Kiki, he was playing in a contemporary rock band," explains the singer, "We had to change his style to suit our old fashioned type of music. Since then, we have played with him in festivals in Germany and France and everybody says he is a very skilled and talented drummer and handsome too!"

The Hawks are looking forward to performing for the CBBlues gang!

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