Monday, April 10, 2017


The 2017 Costa Blanca Blues annual Spring Fling Party featured the legendary Hawks who proved to all of us that they know their early rolling blues and rockabilly music to the maximum!

And the swagger??? All part of the show!!

Santiago thrilled the crowd with is charming and witty stage banter and then crooned and wailed his way into our hearts. His renditions from Eddie Cochran to Elvis and his own originals in English were pretty spectacular when you appreciate the fact that English is not his first language.

I knew that Abelard Alba was a guitar teacher and it shows. His detail to the notes was impressive. He picked out the melodies like a master and his riffs were light and steady.
Isi Rockin on his standup double blue bass was a charmer as well. He did a solo and blew away the crowd. What a sound!!
Kike García Benìtez was stuck in the back up against the mirrors but that didn't stop him from keeping up the rockabilly back beat!! And he having a lot of fun with the hand maracas too.
Our good musical friend from the UK - Peter Murphy brought his blues harmonicas and together with Buddy Paul joined the Hawks for some stellar blues. Peter commanded the band like the pro that he is and gave a grand mini show. 

Buddy Paul was gimping around on his mended broken leg but it didn't stop him from blowing up a storm on his blues harps! 

There were people from all over the globe - Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, America, Australia and Spain. I love these events as a vehicle to unite people with great food, location, live music and dancing!! 

Everyone was happy and that is the best of part of these parties - what more is there to life? Oh sure, there are other things but these are some of my favourite things and I was so pleased to see everyone up off their chairs and onto the dance floor!! 

Thank you to all who attended and to Lizzie for helping me with the flowers!! 

See you again soon!! Karla Darocas

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