Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Duende or tener duende ("having duende") loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity, often connected with flamenco. The artistic and especially musical term was derived from the duende, an elf or goblin-like Magic creature in Spanish mythology.

Well, Danilo Adriano is far from being a goblin or elf but he sure has a passion for playing the blues.

According to Danilo, he jumped into playing the drums when he was 15 years old. Like most his age, he started in the rock and pop genres getting his kicks with local bands. 

Many years later, he got his expression inspired by a blues harmonica master, and CBBlues friend, Sr. Danny Boy Sanchez and since that time he has performed with more blues acts and at more jams and festivals than I can name here. 

He has been a solid standup player when CBBlues has needed a pitch hitter drummer for special shows and of course he supports Buddy Paul as much as possible. 

Late one evening, I was texting with Danilo about this and that and some of that conversation went like this...

Karla D - Since you are a hard working drummer with many bands... Do you feel that blues roots music, jazz, soul, and swing have matured as a genre of music here in Spain?

Danilo Adriano - Absolutely yes as this genre is always looking back to make new things.There are new artists exploring and taking from jazz, blues, soul and funk to create new scenes and new harmonies and new instruments arrive to put in their new colors.

Karla D - It is my experience that the musicians here in the region do not understand business nor marketing very well? Do you agree or no?

Danilo Adriano - Yes. I think it is because we don't take enough time to make business. I look to musicians like Quincy Jones or James Brown...those guys really did it well.

Karla D - Why do you think blues has stuck to Spanish culture?

Danilo Adriano - Spain loves guitars and flamenco is our culture and both,flamenco and blues have something special - they have a feeling - they have "duende".

Gracias Danilo :) xx

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