Thursday, May 11, 2017


Costa Blanca Blues will end its 6th party season with a mega-fun "wrap-up party" hosted by Buddy Paul and his musical friends including a retro-band from Valencia city who call themselves "Up For It".

This band promises an amazing repertoire of Americana music ranging from blues to late 50's & 60's soul, jazz, swing and even some calypso!

Who is "Up For It"?

BÁRBARA FERNÁNDEZ is a self-taught vocalist who began her career in music because of her great devotion to Jazz, Swing, R & B and Soul.

She has sung at many big festivals including the Barswingona, which is the Barcelona Jazz Fest, The Toledo Jazz Festival, ZaraSwing in Zaragoza, The Crazy Weekend Swing Fest in Barcelona, Swing Between Vineyards in La Rioja Alavesa, Swingalacant Fest in Alicante, Swinging Undermoon in Valencia and The Battle of Bands of Swing of Madrid to name a few!!!

Because she is a local Valenciana gal, she has collaborated with many of the Valencian blues group and participated in blues festivals such as Augustiblues in Estonia in 2010 and the Espanish Blues Festival in 2013.

SERGIO ALBENTOSA is a self-taught organist and composer. He studied jazz harmony with Francisco Blanco Latino and Arturo Serra in the early 90's.

Aside from being part of Up For It, Sergio is part of the Vibecreators with whom he has produced a single "I Don't Wanna Be Lonely" and a vinyl LP with 10 of his own songs on the Lontano Records label.

He has also played with black music legends such as JJ Barnes, Betty Harris, Gene Payne ... as well as national musicians such as Raimundo Amador, Ximo Tebar, Joan Soler, Ramón Cardo and Enric Peidro. His influences include Les McCann, Jack McDuff , Jimmy Smith and Horace Silver.
DANILO ARGENTI is an awesome drummer who specialises in jazz, blues and funk and has worked with a wide range of local and international artists. Danilo is a good friend of our music director Buddy Paul and we have met and had the privilege of seeing Danilo perform at a few other CBBlues events.

* WHEN: Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
* TIMES: Lunchtime Menu - 13:30  & Concert - 15:00
* FEES: Lunch & Concert - 25  & Concert Only - 10
* WHERE: Party Room @ El Cid's of Benidoleig
* WHAT: Costa Blanca Blues is a live music appreciation and cultural integration group and webzine. All Welcome!

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or by phone # 648 156 066

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