Monday, June 5, 2017


The Up For It Trio from Valencia city gave us an excellent performance on Saturday, 3rd of June, 2017 at El Cid's in the party room.

Accompanied by our friend and blues harp master, Buddy Paul, these talents mixed some of my favourite jazz standards with some boogie blues and it all blended into an unstoppable show of high caliber musicianship.
Vocalist BÁRBARA FERNÁNDEZ who began her career in music because of her great devotion to Jazz, Swing, R & B and Soul was a real gem. She was singing from her heart. You could feel her love and joy of the music as she reached for the high notes and dipped deep into the very low notes... and then ripped right back up the scale again!

Organist on a vintage B3, SERGIO ALBENTOSA was a real incarnation of Jimmy Smith! He really had the swagger of the genre and the notes were clean and pretty. He was not shy on the solos and really gave that Hammond organ a work out!!

As always, DANILO ARGENTI was his super cool self, giving up 2 solos that were completely different and totally fun. 

And then there was BUDDY PAUL, who was gimping around on his bad leg but that didn't affect his pipes as he blew out some of the most powerful perfection notes that a mouth harp has to offer.

Everyone was thrilled by this spectacular show and said so by not allowing our musical guests to leave! They yelled for MORE and brought them back on stage for 2 encores. It was amazing!

El Cid's have been good sports about our parties and the owner, Miss Charlie, had this to say, "The music is absolutely fab. You get some great bands. It's been a pleasure hosting your events in our party room. Looking forward to future events and more exciting music. Take good care."

Well, that is it for yet another year!

Thank you to everyone who supports these events, because without your support I could not afford to bring these big city talents to us!!!

Have a great summer ;)
Karla Darocas xx

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