1. Excellence - Be entertained by the top blues musicians in Spain in a private setting.
  2. Insider Knowledge - Be the first to know about the best blues musicians - locally and from around the blues world. Webzine publishes articles, interviews, video and CD reviews, show reviews, photo shoots, videos and more!!
  3. Easy - No driving all the way to the big cities, paying tolls, searching for parking just to get your great blues shows. We bring the best to you!!
  4. Private Invitations - When you are a Friend you will get private invites to special events like Picnics, Films and much more!
  5. No late night show  - mid-morning & mid-afternoon shows!!
  6. Interactive - be right up front to the musicians and feel the live music in your bones. Then meet the musicians and get autographs and photos.
  7. Integration - make friends and socialise with a mix of cultures as you all share the love of live blues.
  8. Exercise - large dance floor to boogie or jive off those extra kilos.
  9. Appreciate - fine musicianship, diversified instruments, great vocals - talent plus.
  10. Eat Well - Great Food - Great Prices!!
  11. Free parking - always a bonus.
  12. Stay over - don’t drink and drive - get a room upstairs in the hostel for a very low price.
  13. Win fun prizes in the raffle - all money goes to support the musicians who try to keep the blues alive and well... for us and future generations to enjoy!!

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