Great = so you want to review some Blues!!
It can be a live concert, CD or a video on YouTube
Here are the guidelines...

Send at least 2 photos and review to -

Answer these questions that apply to your review...

  • 1. Who is the musician / band? Name, location, number of years together
  • 2. Where did you hear them play? 
  • 3. Name of CD or concert tour?
  • 4. Where recorded?
  • 5. Any outstanding impressions?
  • 6. Types of instruments?
  • 7. How many songs on CD or performed at concert?
  • 8. How was the production of the sound at the concert or on CD?
  • 9. How was the showmanship at the concert or in the video?
  • 10. What was your favourite song? Why?
  • 11. How long was the concert or CD? 
  • 12. Did the band give an encore? 

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